DDL Srl | forniture technlogies
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”…always considering technology and design…”

”…and when it has already done everything, intelligence makes the difference…”

”…offer to our customers the tools to win…”




“It is almost fifty years that DDL has been present in the Italian and international market, since the first years of the new millennium I have individually had the satisfaction to carry out the responsibilities of this company that my father passed onto me, and that now live in the second generational change with my sons. Along with my team, we have succeeded in establishing a dynamic and highly innovative structure over the years, which has been in the forefront of its own sector with a solid internal technical design studio and a productive working environment engaging with various materials. As manufacturers, we have always kept up with all European standards in materials and workmanship; when we cannot guarantee the level we want, we rely on our collaborators to achieve a common goal. All this is DDL, a family that for 50 years has loved what has done and still loves doing it well”

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